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Overheating slow running laptop upgraded to faster desktop computer cheaply

Overheating in Intel Core i7 laptop fixed with extra cooling fans

I noticed that my 10 year old Samsung laptop had slowed down considerably because it was overheating. Normally, the temperatures sensors built into the Intel Core i7 CPU would detect the temperature rise and reduce the CPU rate of operations so that there would be time to cool. This in theory works very well.

CPU cooling

In practice several factors have to be working properly for CPU cooling to be effective. Firstly, the temperature sensors within the CPU have to be working correctly, secondly the laptop cooling fans should be providing sufficient air flow to remove the excess heat build up and thirdly, the environment temperatures should be cool enough to allow for effective heat conduction and removal.

Servicing my laptop

I took my laptop for servicing to the nearby service center for them to clean it up and change the thermal paste between the CPU and the cooling copper tubes. Their technicians removed all the dust clogging the fans and then cleaned up the old dried up thermal paste and replaced it with fresh thermal paste. The Cinebench R20 score improved from 344 to 484. That was wonderful 40% improvement in laptop speed up and a major improvement for a 10 year old laptop with an Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU.

Conversion of laptop to desktop computer with blower fans cheaply

The next step I carried out was to convert my laptop to a desktop to improve the CPU cooling with more powerful cooling fans and better air flow. This I did by introducing a novel motherboard solder side cooling method. It was amazing how I managed to speed up the laptop with blower fans that increased the airflow for cooling. Those cheap fans were a little noisy. Next time around I will search for more silent fans.

The Cinebench R20 ranking improved to a score of 672. That clearly shows that the overall servicing, upgrade and transformation to desktop made an improvement of 95% performance improvement without overclocking. The Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU cannot be overclocked.

Intel Core i7 for laptops

I discovered that there are many flaws in the Intel Core i7 CPUs for laptops. Worse still the laptop designs were getting from bad to worse because the manufacturers were making slimmer and lighter laptops without considering airflow cooling difficulties. This is the reason my Acer Nitro 5 CPU, i7-9750H, went bust after only 17 months of use. Now only 3 cores out of 6 cores work as the other 3 cores are busted. Please view the whole video, shown above, to understand the design flaws, how bad cooling damages laptops and novel better GPU & CPU cooling.

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- Dr. Peter Achutha, 30th November 2021

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