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how to stop frequent night urination

Accidental discovery on how to stop frequent night urination

This was an accidental discovery because what I was trying to do was to get less high when having beers on Friday nights with friends at the coffeeshop. This was so that I could drink till later at night – this was before the MCO lockdown days. Back then I can only drink about 3 large bottles of SKOL before I got too drowsy and had to go home by 10pm. What was really bad during the 3 to 4 hours I spent drinking with friends was that I would go to the gents too many times, about 3 to 4 times within those 3 hours. All my drinking kaki’s noticed it. That was why I began some experiments on how to be able to drink a little more.

I started taking a teaspoon of onion powder and a teaspoon of garlic powder everyday for lunch because I remembered YouTube doctors mentioning that it was good for blood circulation, helped clear clogged arteries and helped the kidneys.

Then I began to eat 2 hardboiled eggs about an hour before going for my Friday night drinks. This is because, during my student days many years ago, I was told that the oil in fried eggs helped to slow down the absorption of alcohol which meant you could have more drinks. The boiled eggs I was taking had no oil but I still took them as I could never drink on a full stomach. On a full stomach even a glass of beer would be too filing. My Chinese friends always ate and then came to drink because they have dinner early. I, on the other hand, always drank on an empty stomach because dinner was much later and so that I could get high faster and with less beers – my habits from my student days. That was why I had my dinner after drinking. I wanted to have something to eat to slow down the alcohol absorption and that is why I decided to take 2 hardboiled eggs and two slices of bread generously coated with butter just before drinking. That worked as I could drink more than 3 large bottles of SKOL.

All this happened while I was suffering from frequent night urination. I was forced to wake up several times a night to urinate. My sleep cycles were disrupted and I was sleepy the whole day which made it difficult to concentrate on what I was doing and could not work properly. I wondered how I was going to stop this frequent night urination.

Cured of Nocturia with natural remedy

Once I began eating 2 hardboiled eggs every evening, my night time urination stopped. Amazing wasn't it. When I stopped eating hardboiled eggs in the evening for a few days my night urination came back. So, I continued, eating two hard boiled eggs every evening, for a few more weeks and then stopped. Guess what? I was completely cured of night urination with this natural remedy - I did not wake up at night to pee. The best thing was that when I had onion & garlic powder for lunch and two hardboiled eggs in the evening my bladder was ok and I didn’t need to go to the gents during my Friday beer session with friends.

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- Dr. Peter Achutha, 6th November 2021

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