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How I fixed my metal cooking pot loose handle

Metal cooking pot repair for loose handle

It can be a metal cooking pot or a stainless steel cooking pot but once the handle gets loose it can be dangerous to use and to carry hot food. My mom's cooking pot had Bakelite handles. It was straight forward to repair as only the screw had to be tightened again or atleast that is what I thought until I examined it.

Bakelite pot handles

Bakelite was one of the first plastics to be made. It is heat resistant so it performs well as a pot handle. Even though the pot can be used to cook a hot dish or for frying in deep oil the handle will not be hot due to the thermal resistance of the Bakelite.

Changed spring washer to tighten the loose handle

I found out that the spring washer in the Bakelite handle was not good as it had lost its tension. I replaced the spring washer with a new one. The new spring washer brought extra tension into the screw socket when tightened. That means as the pot heated up and cooled down the screw and the handle would not get loose.

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- Dr. Peter Achutha, 27th October 2021

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