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Accelearated Video Rendering and Exporting

Wondershare filmora x version 10.7 problems

When I upgraded to Wondershare Filmora x version 10.7 it crashed and burned. I struggled with rendering and exporting video files and it would not display the editor screen after a few seconds of play. The editor screen just froze and it became intolerable to use.

Wondershare Filmora version 10.7 has problems:-

  1. Exporting videos that are jerky – this I could not fix.

  2. Synch between audio and picture is off by a second or two. In the end, after many experiments, I found that exporting the video file at 60 fps and then compressing it with Handbrake reduced this problem to be almost negligible.

  3. The editor screen freezes after a few seconds of use.

On the other than that I found that earlier versions of Filmora were wonderful products to use and Filmora was within my budget when I purchased it. I do hope they come out with a really good upgrade to compensate for version 10.7.

What is video rendering

Video rendering is the process by which your video software puts the images, audio, titles and other graphics images together to look like one film. You may have a sound track of birds chirping and images of a garden with flowering plants and a voice track of you commenting. All these tracks can be added together by rendering the video into one video scene.

Video rendering with CPU or GPU

Both your computer CPU and GPU can do video rendering. CPU rendering is much slower but provides a better quality image. GPU rendering is very fast and reduces the rendering time down from hours to minutes depending on how powerful your GPU video card is. The more cores and memory you have on your GPU the faster it will be. At some price point you will find that it is not worth the extra money to have more cores and more memory.

In the video above, I tested out rendering and exporting 4K and 1080p videos with and without RAMDisk and with and without a GPU.

The 4K image frame size is 3840x2160 pixels = 8,294,400 pixels per frame. The 1080p image is 1920x1080 = 2,073,600 pixels per frame. What I found out was the rendering a 4K video took about twice as long as rendering a 1080p video even though a 4K video was 4 times larger frame size. In my case the 4K video was taken on a iPhone XS Max and the 1080p video was taken on a Sony A5100 camera. The 4K video file size was about half the file size of the 1080p video. So it shows that video file size in megabytes does not affect the rendering speed of the video.

I did find that rendering the 1080p video was 67% faster than rendering 4K video. So, it is worth recording in 4K video even though the final exported video will be in 1080p because you will have a lot more details and you can crop images tightly.

Video Exporting

In my case, my 10 year old Samsung laptop with Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU, without a GPU would take 45 minutes to one and a half hours to export a 10 to 15 minute video. If there were mistakes that I made in the video or the video required corrections or additions I would need another long wait while exporting the video again.

When I switched to the Acer Nitro 5 laptop the export time dropped a lot. After enabling hardware acceleration, the GTX GeForce 1660 Ti GPU, the export times were much faster. From my equipment I found that exporting a 4K video was 3 times faster with hardware GPU acceleration than without any hardware acceleration when only dependent on CPU performance. The 1080p videos had a similar speed up times and were 2.75 times faster with GPU acceleration.

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- Dr. Peter Achutha, 28th October 2021

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