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Cinebench R23 score for Xeon E5 2680 V3 cpu

Why I changed Xeon E5 2680 V3 CPU

I was really disappointed with my Acer Notro 5 laptop. When I first bought it, it was very fast with a Cinebench R20 rating of just under 2200 then a couple of months later the Nitro Sense utility that controls the fan stopped working. I could still hear the fans so I thought nothing of it. Later after 1 year and 5 months of use it slowed down terribly. The Acer Nitro 5 CPU is an Intel Core i7-9750H which I found has some problems. It won't shut down when it over heats. It just kept running and burnt itself out. Now there are only 3 active cores out of 6 cores. That is 3 cores are burnt and don't work. I took it to the computer repairers as it had failed outside the 1 year warranty. They told me that it is impossible to change the CPU as it is directly soldered onto the laptop motherboard and they hinted that no one in Malaysia could repair such a laptop. Worst still was the cost of replacing the cpu.

After that I looked around for a new computer and I found that most of them were outside my budget. No shop would let me purchase a new computer piece by piece every month until I had accumulated all the parts to build a better computer. That was when I searched the internet and found that I could buy a PC part by part over several months and build my own computer.

Reviewing motherboards and CPUs

I watched many YouTube videos reviewing motherboards and CPUs. I found miyconst, craft computing, PhilsComputerLab, NASCompares and ExplainingComputers very informative.

It was then that I decided that I will use a Xeon E5 2680 V3 processor to build my computer. As for the motherboard I followed miyconst recommendation and bought a Huananzhi X99-F8 motherboard. I ordered it with 64GB RAM and the 2680 V3 CPU. This would ensure that Huananzhi would test out the motherboard, RAM and CPU together and ensure it works before shipping it to me.

Once the motherboard, CPU and RAM arrived in the mail I selected a graphics card for my PC. It was difficult to choose one as prices had gone up tremendously. I bought a second graphics with VGA and HDMI output which was very basic without any CUDAs and not much video memory. This was so that I could test out my PC without the need to wait for the main graphics card to arrive.

Cinebench R23 score for Xeon E5 2680 V3 cpu

I ran the Cinebench R23 program to test the my cpu and see how much faster it was compared to my laptop i7-9750H cpu. On Cinebench R23 my laptop, before it was busted, scored 3899. The new Xeon E5 2680 V3 processor scored 9357. That shows that my new computer was 2.4 times faster.

You can purchase the Huananzhi X99 F8 motherboard with 64GB RAM and Xeon E5 2680 V3 CPU here and I will earn a small comisssion from your purchase. Thanks.

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- Dr. Peter Achutha, 21st December 2021


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