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Cheap and good laptops for gaming and college

Laptops for college will be cheaper than laptops for gaming

When you are in college as a student you will definitely want to use a laptop for your studies, tutorials and projects. You will find that a good and cheap laptop is all that you need as long as there are a few useful software packages included, like Microsoft Word and Excel. Computer programmers may need a C++ compiler, BASIC interpreter and a text editor that understands programming languages, like PHP, HTML for server side programming. Such editors are like Notepad++ or HTML-Kit.

When you consider the budget you will find that laptops for most college students would be much cheaper than those for gaming. As a college student you don't really need a gaming laptop as you need to spend a lot of your time studying and not gaming. If you want to play some games you could always go to a cyber cafe to relax. In the end it is your studies that are more important so focus on that. A laptop for students does not have to be very fast and the major part of the cost would be in the CPU. The faster the CPU the the faster the supporting electronics would be and hence cost goes up. You will find that even a second generation CPU is sufficient for word processing or text editing and you can watch YouTube videos on such laptops too.

Of course if your are doing courses in graphics design or film making or videography you would definitely need a much faster laptop with a built in graphics card. This means you are most likely looking for good laptops for gaming with built in GPU. Such laptops should have a good amount of memory preferably 16GB or more.

Advantage of Samsung over Acer laptops

I personally used a Samsung i7 laptop, for then 10 years, that had an Intel CORE i7-2630QM CPU. This is a second generation CPU. The Samsung laptops keyboards never gave me any trouble even on hot days when room temeprature was 35°C or 95°F. Whereas my new Acer i7-9750 laptop had missing alphabets in almost every word in every sentence that I wrote in my Word doc. This was because as room temperature began to rise many keys on the keyboard stopped working. The most common keys were 'o', 'm', 'v', 'n' and 'l'. If I typed out a sentence such as 'The school was closed even until today' it would be recorded in Microsoft Word as 'The schl was csed een unti today'. It was very frustrating to use as I ended up correcting every sentence that I typed in. In the end I got so fed up with my brand new Acer Nitro 5 laptop that I bought a separate USB3 keyboard to do the typing.

You wouldn't believe this until you watch the video above. My Acer Nitro 5 laptop cooling fans stopped working and then the laptop began to overheat and slow down a lot. The Cinebench R20 score dropped from 2103 to 1624 and then to 853 within one and a half years. My Acer laptop cannot be fixed as I suspect the CPU is damaged. Imagine that an Intel Core i7-9750H, a ninth generation CPU, running as slowly as my Intel i7-2630QM, a second generation, 10 year old CPU. What a waste of money it was. These are bad deals. I never want to buy an Acer laptop again.

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- Dr. Peter Achutha, 25th November 2021

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