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Best durian fruits in PJ and Klang Valley today

Durians are a favourite fruit in South East Asia

In Malaysia and most of South East Asia, the durians are called the King of Fruits. Many foreigners may say that they are smelly and stinky but this is not true. They are delicious and have wonderful aroma. When the fruit is split open you will see that it is divided into segments. Each segment can contain from 3 to 5 fleshy seeds. In smaller fruits or odd shaped ones some segments will not contain any fruits. they can weigh from about 500g (1.1lb) to 2kg (4.4lb). The flesh can be almost white and creamy to a yellow or orangish colour depending on the species of durian. I have heard of one Malay farmer who has developed a durian with red flesh.

The best durians in the world

The best durians in the world at the moment is the Musang King. As it is exported to China and Australia the price has gone through the roof and there is hardly any for sale in Malaysia. The Musang King flesh is a bright strong yellow colour and sometimes borders on an orange color. It is simply delicious and is one of the best durians to make durian cheesecakes.

Durian season

There are two durian seasons. One begining is April and ending in July and the other begining in August and ending in November. Some durian trees only have one season per year. The flowers bloom in April or August and the tiny fruits appear in May or September. It takes about two and half to three months for the fruits to mature. That means they will fall off the tree during July or November.

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